I think Jerry introduced me to this program a long time ago.  It's called Everything.  It's really just indexes your whole computer and let's you search for anything really easily.  Now you might say, "Windows can already do that!"  Well that's true... but this is just better.  It will show you any file of any type from your search parameters so you don't even need to know the whole name of something and it's really fast.  It's basically destroyed a lot of my digital sense of organization (although I'm still pretty OCD about some folders).  I don't really need to know where anything is when I can search for it.  It's also helpful for clearing up space because instead of searching for anything you can sort everything on the computer by size.
Alright enough of me talking about it.  You can download it here and everyone should.

So I finally bought Minecraft the other day and I am LOVING it! Theres sooo much to do and the world I spawned in has so many mountains and minerals, I'm working on building a giant castle with an underground part.

But anyways, I was looking a Minecraft videos on Youtube last night and found the funniest one ever. Watch what happens when this guy tries to light his fireplace. XD

Griffin's post reminded me of this Mario video, where a couple Japanese video try to get all 8 red coins while avoiding the 1-UP. They say Japanese things and whatnot, and it's hilarious to hear.

These guys decided to make their own parody on the Mario Bros. Originally, the live action Mario movie was released in 1993, but it was pretty bad. This gag-trailer alone beats the entirety of that movie.

Basically you can get 5 great games and donate to 2 charities all at once and you can pay as much or as little as you'd like for it. It's pretty much just a donation and you get to choose how your money is split between the charities and game developers. Also Notch paid $2,000 for it making him the top contributer so that's kind of cool. It almost makes me feel bad for giving $5.
The games are Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos, and Revenge of the Titans.

Their website explains all this really well, and it was surprisingly easy to do.
Also here's their promotional video. It's really cheesy.

Here's an example of how you can use the new layout of facebook profiles to further personalize your profile.
I haven't actaully done this for myself yet but I plan to.  If you want to do it too, here's a video that explains how.

Yeah he uses glitches but it's still pretty cool how he does them all perfectly to
finish the entire game in under 10 minutes.

Just to let everybody know, Minecraft is entering Beta on Deecember 20. This means that the price will be rising to whatever 14.95 Euro is. Also there's no guarantee that all future updates (after release) will be given for free unless you have an account from alpha, so you should all buy now. It's a great game. Really.

Minecraft Beta

So I didn't win since there were about 400 Christmas tree shots submitted, but the winners were pretty cool. Check out the gallery if you'd likeeeee.

This looks like a ton of fun and I like the art style too.  Can't wait!

So I haven't gotten the results yet for this challenge but it's been so long since I posted anything that I figured I should. The challenge was to zoom while taking a picture, which is surprisingly easy to do and requires very little coordination (it probably happens by accident often enough). Well if you can't tell, this is just a photo of Griffin's Christmas tree, with the lights all crazy and zoom-y. If I happen to win I'll post those results laterrrrrrr.

Louis C.K. talks with Conan O'Brien about how amazing technology is.

So another fun thing I found on Art of Trolling was Cleverbot. It's an awesome A.I. to troll and I think I was up for at least 2 hours last night trolling it. Here are 3 of the conversations I had with it. The one about Pinocchio is my favorite. ;D

Omegle Troll - Snookie's Ruined It for All of Us
see more The Art of Trolling

So I've neglected the internet and the blog for far too long. College stuff has kept me busy buuuuut thats all over now so I'm back. Art of Trolling is a hilarious website dedicated to people trolling all over the internet, including Chatroulette. This particular one reminded me of Jerry ;D

Check out the full site for hours of entertainment (literally)

Check 2:01 out.

It makes noise and stuff and is a lot of fun. Try it.

My chemistry teacher, Mr. Eager, showed us this website two years ago when I was in his class.  You might think this picture says it all but there's actually more on the site. http://baconsalt.com/

Microsoft started up a new online game marketplace this past week and now they're having a huge sale on Age of Empires III. It's normally $40 but for some reason they're now selling it for 10 cents. It's pretty crazy.
I think they just want publicity for the new service and this is a good way to do it. While you're spending your dime feel free to look around the site. It's brand new and navigating their catalog can be tough but overall it's pretty nice. Anyway, here's the link: http://www.gamesforwindows.com/en-US/Games/AgeofEmpiresIII/

OnLive may actually be pulling itself together into the incredible service it promised over a year ago.
On December 2nd OnLive will release their microconsole which will allow people to use the Onlive service, which is already on PC+Mac, on their TV's.  For more information on what this little thing can do and why it's important read this article on Gizmodo.  You can also learn more on their site: www.onlive.com.

It's a hamster... on a piano... and it's eating popcorn.
Also the song is pretty sweet.

I don't know why this isn't already on our blog. It belongs here.
This is part of a scene from early in the first episode of Firefly.
If you've never seen Firefly I recommend it. It's one of the best
sci-fi shows ever and it's pretty easy to get into because there
are only 14 episodes.
You can watch it here on Hulu.

Definitely one of my favorite scenes from Stargate SG-1.
Michael Shanks is just such a great actor.

Sorry, I just had to.

Sorry about the crappy picture, embed was disabled so I have to actually write stuff. Anyway this is a sport. It's like soccer/volleyball. It's cool.

I want this. So hard. I'm in such a lego mood today, oh man.

I just stumbled on these pretty neat pictures, besides the bunnies being in blood and all they're thematically nifty.

For all the random people who happen to stumble across our blog, do us a favor and vote here for North Haven High Schoooool.

This video was made by Per Findahl.  He was the F1A World Champion a couple years ago and I think he still is but I can't remember.  This guy is amazingly athletic.  In Ukraine we watched him retrieve his son's plane by running straight after it through thick grass which was about 4 feet tall.  We never even saw him break stride.
Well anyway he made this video and it does a really good job of explaining the basics of the sport.  It's often really hard to explain just in words, so from now on whenever anyone asks me about it I will refer them to this video.  Unless it's a more detailed question in which case I'd probably have to go into more depth.

Seriously....this is the cutest thing I've ever seen, watch his eyebrows at the end of the video it's hilarious!!

The brain is lovely. Especially my brain. Is your brain lovely? Probably not.

This is a picture of my amazing burning bush. For some reason it never burns up so I just kinda left it there.
On the left there's a sheep that walked a little too close to the burning bush. Silly sheep. Now you're on fire.

If you don't watch Fringe the I suggest you start, and if you do watch Fringe then you'll
probably enjoy this interview.

Someone on reddit took this video and un-swirled it, so it's just a chick laughing hysterically and making faces. I like that one better.


This video has nothing to do with the update cause it's not actually biomes, but it's cool and I needed an excuse to post it. Anyway the Minecraft Halloween update is out. It's fun and buggy.


It's so cute that it's hard to be annoyed by 3 kitty posts in a row! Right?

 I'm not that comfortable with two kitty posts in a row so quick someone post something else.


It's an adorable fight to the death!
[College Humor]

It's a Source engine mod. And it looks awesome.

Blade Symphony

I love Adult Swim flash games. Though I didn't think this one was as good as the others we've posted about, it was still pretty fun. And hell mode was hellish.

Corporate Climber

This was probably the most Photoshopped picture we've ever done for a Shooting Challenge, which makes the story behind it less great. Basically it was late on Sunday night, we searched my house for inspirational items to photograph, and came up with this. It's a mask thing... that also looks like a mask thing. That's where we failed, it doesn't really look like anything else besides two masks put together. But the shape was neat and we didn't realize our fault at the time, and we had fun doing it. I didn't really like the winners, this challenge didn't have much opportunity for diversity.

Damn it America.

This is a pretty thorough guide to many of the problems with Macs. It's a bit long as you might imagine, but I found it interesting so you may at least want to skim through.

The 21st century guide to platform trolling: Apple edition

If you are angered that I'm showing a bias here, I will attempt to alleviate some of the anger by linking to the guide to Windows problems as well. However most of the Windows problems are either not relevant to most users or not really problems at all.

The 21st century guide to platform trolling: Windows edition

So this week's Shooting Challenge was sorta spur of the moment. At Eli's house we decided to try it, and we asked an asian friend for asian incense and then used color-changing show lights. We tried using the fastest shutter speed possible without using the flash, but the smoke still came out blurry since we didn't use a tripod. This was one of our best shots, but we submitted this one instead. I didn't think the winners were that great, but a lot of really good entries were submitted. Tough challenge, but it was a really fun experience.

I think I might have to watch his new show.

So guys... I made a tumblr. For anyone who's interested anyways. I'm not really sure what I want to post and I'm not really sure how often I want to post things, but I feel like co-writing this blog means I can't take over and post dumb things, and I want a place to do that. So I made my own. I'll still post Shooting Challenges here and all, I'll just be posting more things there.

You might remember the first two from way back when. I think this one was a lot cooler, and a bit longer too. Damn it, homework.

This is really exciting news for The Lunch Box, last week Bradley and I were honorably mentioned in a Shooting Challenge! It's ironic because this shot is pretty basic. I wasn't there for the set-up (or the actual shot), but Brad hung a sheet in the window behind this model boat and then took a picture. I edited, making it monochromatic and the black-white contrast a little more defining, and voila. Our masterpiece. Here's the gallery we're in. I guessed there would be lots of sunset pictures and yep there were, that's where our diversity came in handy. I particularly like the lead shot with hot air balloons and the spider web one.

Figure it out. My high score is 2037 by the way.

They are ugly. Also I will have that Berries & Cream video up eventually, damn you.

So I'm actually pretty close to catching up with these past shooting challenges, this one was from just last week. Ish. Maybe 2 weeks ago, or something. A group of friends went hiking at Sleeping Giant, we staged this picture (which was my brilliant idea of course) and bam. Success. There wasn't a whole lot of technique behind this besides point-and-shoot, but I love the grainy quality and well, the complete lack of quality in the second picture. There were only 22 submissions this week and guess what, we didn't even win. Here's the gallery, seems kinda small and lonely though.

I usually don't post stuff from xkcd because I just assume everyone reads it, but this was too cool. You might remember his first Online Communities map from back in the day. It's pretty fun to see how everything has changed. Click on the picture on the site for a bigger one. It's really big.

This wasn't a planned shooting challenge, I was actually vacationing in New Hampshire the week of it. I ended up just looking through the pictures I had taken during the week and submitting the one most worthy of R & R, which was the goat sleeping under the fence thing. Some of the entries for this week were pretty lame, but the winner (the hospital one, Labor Day) had a great ironic theme.

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