Jerry Liu
Jerry rewrote his definition to spite Hannah. Also he's a pretty cool guy.

Timothy Barron
The first thing you'll notice upon meeting Tim is that he has red hair. Now this may not be a bad thing, some of you might be thinking. Well some of you are wrong. The real problem with Tim isn't his hair, but the color of it. It is horrifyingly and disgustingly red. Look at it. It's disgusting. Seriously.

Hannah Beth
We brought Hannah onto the team back in 2010 when we decided that we needed women. Although we don't have an office kitchen, we decided that Hannah could sleep and make sandwiches in the closet. After Hannah nagged us to death, cause that's what women do, we decided it would be best to let her write a post every now and then. However, she still remains on the team as the designated sandwich maker. "Come hither sandwich maker" used to be a common phrase around these parts, until Jerry and Tim realized that it was ineffective because Hannah is a woman, and women are pretty good at stubbornly not doing things. Now they try to make sandwiches themselves and usually end up with a lumpy pile of meat and condiments.

Griffin Kulp
Griffin joined the team a few weeks after the blag was created, envious of all the cool people who got to work on it and how beautiful and talented they all were.  He was immediately labeled the team recruiter, because we have like zero followers and the internet barely knows our blag exists.  To begin this daunting task, Griffin decided to make sandwiches and walk door-to-door around his neighborhood, handing them out with the words "The Lunch Box" written on the inside in condiments.  Unfortunately, because condiments like, smudge, no one had any idea that there was a secret message and the advertising attempt went unnoticed.

Rebekah Ashley
Rebekah used to be an "invaluable" member of our team. However, one day she "accidentally" "stumbled" into a "room" where Tim and "I" were conducting "business." The next day, poor Rebekah "fell down" a flight of stairs. We rushed her to the hospital as quickly as we could and told them that we've accepted our loss and to pull the plug. Although they insisted that there wasn't a plug they could pull for a broken leg, we managed to come to a compromise. Now Rebekah rests peacefully. Forever. We'll miss you.

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