Remember that site that would translate an english phrase into a foreign language and back again? No? Well this site will do the same thing, but 54 times. This usually comes out with some pretty weird results. For example, "Hannah make me a sandwich" translates into "You and your sandwich."

Bad Translator

I was stumbling along and I happened upon this transfixing model of air traffic in a twenty-four hour period. What message did I get from this? If you want to survive the fireflies, go to Brazil. You just won't be able to take a plane to get there.

Actress and producer Felicia Day, of The Guild and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog fame, is interviewed by reddit, where she answers questions asked in this thread.

For the record, if I were a woman, I would strive to become exactly like Felicia, the model of feminine perfection. If I were a man, which I am, I would devote my life to this girl and worship her at every turn. On a side note, my beautiful girlfriend and I have been going out for exactly half a year as of tomorrow.

Felicia Day interview  via [Reddit]

For all of you who have never seen these, that must be remedied!
They are a series of comedy sketches(skits). Just watch... you'll figure it out.


I'm having trouble concentrating on life because this music is playing and I suck at Mario too much to play it without Tim anymore. I wish I was good at blagging, oh Tim I'm gonna be in Sci Fi next year instead of Mysteries cause I saw my schedule today. Three study halls ftw. Also I could fit in AP Gov but that would probably kill me. And I FINALLY got Child Development so I'm gonna have the plastic baby for a weekend and it'll be magical and unicorns will fly through the air and I'll be up all night not sleeping.

I hope I did that link thing right before.

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