Actress and producer Felicia Day, of The Guild and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog fame, is interviewed by reddit, where she answers questions asked in this thread.

For the record, if I were a woman, I would strive to become exactly like Felicia, the model of feminine perfection. If I were a man, which I am, I would devote my life to this girl and worship her at every turn. On a side note, my beautiful girlfriend and I have been going out for exactly half a year as of tomorrow.

Felicia Day interview  via [Reddit]


Tim(othy) Barron said...

hey no using our blog to flirt with your girlfriend please

Hannah Beth said...


Griffin said...

lol she wouldnt flip the turle over

Griffin said...

whoa whoa whoa how does this thing know my name?!?! and why no last name? this is freaky guys.

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