Hey guys, sorry people have been going post-crazy and I haven't been doing anything, I'm grounded for life and have limited internet time. And Tim had the idea to start blogging about my Shooting Challenge experiences, which I really want to do but don't have the time to at the moment. Actually I don't even know what the new one is. Oh welllll, hopefully I'll be back soon. And great, blogger isn't letting me post things. Internet is hating me for my lack of existence lately.

I sure hope CERN doesn't send us back to the 19th century!

The next time you're buying apples, check this out.
Actually, why wait?!  Pick an apple and go buy it now!

This is a pretty clever way of saying, "Who cares if we have free will?"  It doesn't really effect what happens so let's all just move on to page 72, shall we?
It actually reminds me of Inception.  All those people talking about what's a dream and what isn't.  Then someone says, "I FIGURED IT OUT! IT'S ALL A DREAM!"  And I can't help but say, "what's your point?"
Speaking of inception here's a gallery of cool artwork based on the movie.
This one's my favorite.

I can't believe nobody thought to blog this yet. Winterbells is one of our favorite flash games ever. You're a bunny and you hop on bells and get points. And always get the birds, they double your score. The music is fantastic, if anyone wants the mp3 just say so in the comments and I'll upload it. You should check out some of his other games too, they're all nice and relaxing.

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