I may have missed the contest this weekend at Barron Field but Oliver Cai seems to have spent an evening experimenting with cameras on the plane. In the first video the camera is on the right wing facing away from the fuselage, on the second it seems to be mounted right on the nose facing forwards. In both he spends a minute or two towing then launches the plane. You'll probably be able to tell when that happens :D

edit: I added Oliver's description from YouTube below each video.

caiol611 May 31, 2010This is my first footage from a camera I attached to the top of my M&K long wing. This was shot while I was practicing during the evening at the Barron Field in Wawayanda, NY.

Learning to Fly - X-Ray Dog
caiol611 May 31, 2010I tried mounting the camera facing different directions on each practice flight so here's the forward facing camera. Since I mounted it parallel to the fuselage, the camera points at the sky most of the time. I'll try mounting it slightly downwards next time.

So I just got back from New Hampshire and here's a list of some things I've learned while up there.

1. Getting a quad stuck in reverse isn't nearly as bad as it sounds.
2. Mice don't live upstairs.
3. It is necessary to have a fire burning all day.
4. Tim sounds like not Tim on the phone.
5. Phone calls aren't worth staying up long amounts of time for.
6. Lack of internet is a good thing.
7. Wildflowers?
8. There are SO MANY chewing noises there.
9. Farmer boys would be +5 attractive if they shaved their moustaches.
10. People's lack of ability to follow directions is almost unbearable. That wasn't really from NH but it applies to today. It's telling me that I spelled moustaches wrong but I like that spelling better. Also the new xkcd was really great.

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