Hello internet its Griffin, still stuck here in North Haven. So since I've been DESERTED by some other people I'm going to do a social media study. Formspring is a pathetically stupid site where people can post anonymous questions on your profile for you to answer. Since I basically have no way to entertain myself now, I decided to do a study.

I've created my own Formsping just to see how many anonymous comments I can get that are A)Naggy, B)Crude, C)Completely idiotic, and D)So mean that it makes you wonder why these people are spending their time on the internet profile stalking and trashing anyone they feel like.

I'm giving this a week or so, seeing that the internet is full of Trolls (which I love by the way). I'll report back in a later post with the results. ;)


Oh! and speaking of Trolls, this has to be one of the funniest sites I've ever spent 2+ hours on.


No really I am. The entire writing staff has gone on a road trip and left me in North Haven with only a blanket and framed pictures of them to put by my bedside so I can cry myself to sleep. Soo......ya.. ='(

Apparently one of Justin Bieber's songs sounds pretty cool when you slow it down 800%.
Now I bet that's probably true of a lot of songs already, which makes me wonder... why would this guy choose a Bieber song to stretch out to 35 minutes?
Well I haven't listened to all 35 minutes and I don't plan to but it sounds pretty good so it's worth checking out for a minute or two anyway.

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