The best part of this video comes towards the end when he's talking about kids asking "why?"  Actually the rest is really funny too so just watch the whole thing. If it's too long and you don't have time now then write it on your hand and come back to it later.  It's hard to forget things when they're on your hands. Do it.

I'm really good at this game. I like to think anyway. You click to hook onto a floating ball thing, but it becomes a mine for as long as you're hooked onto it. So don't get too close to it, or you go boom. It's a metaphor for life. Anyway that's my high score, have fun.

Same guy from the pornography post but this one is slightly less inappropriate.


Its approaching, only 3 days away to be exact. So I say we go through the year with no drama, no fights, and about 999999x more awesome and fun! WHO'S WITH ME?!?!

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