This entertaining little game reminds me of Kirby Canvas Curse for the NDS. Basically you draw the slopes of snow and the guy skis up and down them. You get points for doing jumps and tricks so be creative.

A fun little paint webapp. Mess with the settings, make pretty things, it'll keep you entertained for a while. And I didn't make that dragon. Ha.

Flame Painter

A while back Gamespot had a Greatest Game Hero tourney.  If I'm remembering correctly, it came down to Gordon Freeman vs. Mario in the final round.  Freeman won, and rightly so.  It was very entertaining watching the votes go back and forth between them for days with Valve using Facebook to promote Freeman.
Now they're doing the exact same thing but with game villains.  They started recently.  Round 1A is closed but 1B is going on right now and I just voted.  I sure hope the finals for this are equally as epic as last time.
Follow this link and cast your votes!

Here's the video I was trying to find. You know, the one that had no sound because Hannah has a Mac.
Well enjoy!

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