Damn it New York and your mutant animals. And clever advertising.

If you look at the bottom of our music thingy, you'll see a new link. I added a nifty lyrics page which also doubles as an archive, with the mp3s embedded in the title of each song. I'm doing so by linking songs from the Musicbox with Dropbox's new shareable link thing. Which is cool. Also Hannah, I need you to put your song in that box so I can link it. You can get to our new page here or at the bottom of the music sidebar tab.

It's Felicia Day's birthday! Which is the only birthday worth blogging!


So at first we all knew that the 3DS was coming out before April 2011. But now recent evidence suggests that it will be out this year. It's pretty exciting. Oh and I didn't feel like digging for my source on this once but I think the 3DS will cost about $200.

Other cool 3DS stuff:

list of confirmed 3DS games (yes hannah animal crossing is first on the list)

from [Kotaku] & [Gizmodo]

For those who haven't been keeping up; the new iPhones have a reception problem inherit in their design. Here Steve Jobs shows us just how you're supposed to hold an iPhone to make it work.

I also liked this post which shows just how large Microsoft really is. In fact on Saturday morning i was talking to my dad about email providers and I thought gmail was bigger than hotmail. I was very wrong...

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