I may have missed the contest this weekend at Barron Field but Oliver Cai seems to have spent an evening experimenting with cameras on the plane. In the first video the camera is on the right wing facing away from the fuselage, on the second it seems to be mounted right on the nose facing forwards. In both he spends a minute or two towing then launches the plane. You'll probably be able to tell when that happens :D

edit: I added Oliver's description from YouTube below each video.

caiol611 May 31, 2010This is my first footage from a camera I attached to the top of my M&K long wing. This was shot while I was practicing during the evening at the Barron Field in Wawayanda, NY.

Learning to Fly - X-Ray Dog
caiol611 May 31, 2010I tried mounting the camera facing different directions on each practice flight so here's the forward facing camera. Since I mounted it parallel to the fuselage, the camera points at the sky most of the time. I'll try mounting it slightly downwards next time.

So I just got back from New Hampshire and here's a list of some things I've learned while up there.

1. Getting a quad stuck in reverse isn't nearly as bad as it sounds.
2. Mice don't live upstairs.
3. It is necessary to have a fire burning all day.
4. Tim sounds like not Tim on the phone.
5. Phone calls aren't worth staying up long amounts of time for.
6. Lack of internet is a good thing.
7. Wildflowers?
8. There are SO MANY chewing noises there.
9. Farmer boys would be +5 attractive if they shaved their moustaches.
10. People's lack of ability to follow directions is almost unbearable. That wasn't really from NH but it applies to today. It's telling me that I spelled moustaches wrong but I like that spelling better. Also the new xkcd was really great.

If you don't know about Dropbox, it's a cloud storage service that allows you to store up to 2gb of files online. These files can be accessed from any computer, and you can generate public links so that other people can download them. You simply place the files into your Dropbox directory and they automatically sync to the server. The thing is, if you register from a referral, both you and the person who referred you get more space in their account. So me and Tim are posting our referral links. Register from Jerry's.



Via [Reddit]

EDIT: Upon further investigation, it's fake. But pretend you don't know that and it's funny.

In Exit Path, you're a guy running away from some city and it's hard. That's it. But it's fun. It also has a multiplayer race mode which is cool cause I'm so good at it.

Exit Path

Via [Reddit]

Pixel Legions is an RTS in which you control groups of glowing pixels that attack each other. The point is to destroy every other base without getting your base destroyed. It's fun, but it keeps crashing my flash. Which isn't cool.

I'll remember the link this time.

Pixel Legions

I really hate to post this because up until now we had 47 posts. This one makes 48 and ruins it, but I this link just had to be shared! It took real courage to write this post. It was pretty heroic of me.

It's breakout with pixels. It might seem boring but play it through to end end. It's worth it. Trust me.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

Second comic source

Big Five Word Test Results
Extroversion (44%) moderately low which suggests you are reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and private.
Accommodation (88%) very high which suggests you are overly kind natured, trusting, and helpful at the expense too often of your own individual development (martyr complex).
Orderliness (48%) medium which suggests you are moderately organized, structured, and self controlled while still remaining flexible, varied, and fun.
Emotional Stability (58%) moderately high which suggests you are relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.
Inquisitiveness (64%) moderately high which suggests you are intellectual, curious, imaginative but possibly not very practical.

Eh seems fairly accurate I guess.

Since the personality test has too many things to put in a comment, I just figured I'd make a new post.

For the record, I only think the Big Five part is correct.

So I'm trying to figure out what the hell to write about myself for this Secretary speech for NHS. I went looking for a personality trait quiz thing and found this.

But emotional instability and my apparently selfish nature aren't too great to put in a 'vote for me' speech, hmmpf. Also I said no to all the "Are you scientific?" questions so I ranked low for inquisitiveness, that's kinda lulworthy.

I got this, beeteeedubs:
Emotional Stability||||||||||34%

Extroversion results were low which suggests you are very reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and private.

Orderliness results were very high which suggests you are overly organized, neat, structured and restrained at the expense too often of flexibility, variety, spontaneity, and fun.

Emotional Stability results were moderately low which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.

Accommodation results were low which suggests you are overly selfish, uncooperative, and difficult at the expense too often of the well being of others.

Inquisitiveness results were medium which suggests you are moderately intellectual, curious, and imaginative.

Via [Reddit]

I came across this while researching domestic policies, it kind of makes me want to cry.

You're the small number 9 in the picture. You control it with the mouse, and the goal is to touch the big number, which starts at 10 and counts down. It gives you 10 seconds for each square, and the timer resets after each score. If you touch a black square your time is cut in half and the big number disappears to a random position. Get high scores and stuff, I forget what mine was. I only played it once.

Contentric via [Hybrid Mind Studios]

He'll grape them in the mouth.

So back in good old 8th grade there was this commercial. Well go ahead and watch it.

So Jerry decided to do that dance in the boys locker room but on the part with the jump heel-click he landed flat on his back. It was hilarious and he will never live it down. The end.

Someone wrote a cool little program in Python that takes each beat of any song and stretches the first half while shrinking the second half, essentially making any song swing. It's pretty cool. There's the source code included but I don't know any Python so it doesn't matter to me.

The Swinger

Why hello there everyone! After much *debate* and sucking up to Tim, I'm officially a writer, 10 points to Gryffindor!!! Honestly, I have no idea if I'll write about a specific topic or what, but it'll be something different and fun, which may or may not include random videos and pictures. Oh and by the way, advertise this blog to all of your friends (if you have any that is). The only way for our domination of the internet to become real is if this blog takes over your computer (no really like literally take it over, we can make it happen). Until next time minions.

Google's logo today is a playable game of Pacman. Just hit the "Insert coin" button where "I'm feeling lucky" usually is. Hit it twice for two-player. Arrow keys control, WASD control player 2.

This guy sings a really good female voice. That will be all.

So besides feeling like a major fail and not having classes with interesting people next year, I also have no motivation to work. So. This is a little pointless and I need to find unlame friends. Because I do not enjoy associating myself with lame people, coughlunchcough. Anyone who was there can agree that it sucked, and always sucks, every day, forever. Also I need to think of secret names for people. So people, do something different that can be associated with a secret name. It'll just help with my purposes and all. The sun's coming out. Tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there will be more interesting things to talk about.

Just a stupid little Xbox Live achievement maker thing that I may or may not have a lot of fun with. I think I like it for the sound. On a side note, I learned today in history that the US invasion of Panama was known as Operation Just Cause. I really like Just Cause 2.

Just Achieve It

If someone could explain this to me, that'd be really neat. Maybe that's why I'm so bad at blagging, I can't even understand blag humor. There is a bunny nibbling my toes at the moment and it's almost as cute as that time Tim took a nap after school so he could be awake to talk to me after prom but my power went out from epic lightning so I had no interwebz.

Everyone loves veggitales except Hannah cause she's a loser.

This might be a bit late, but Infectonator is a game about zombies. You unleash a horde of them, watch them destroy a village, town, or city, and move on to the rest of the world. The game would get boring after a while it you weren't able to upgrade your zombies or use super zombies or whatever they're called such as the Tank, Zombie MJ, and Venom. It takes a while to complete but has save games so it's okay.

Infectonator: World Dominator

As some of you may have noticed, there have been some changes on the about me change implemented by the women on this blog. That information is of course wildly inaccurate. As per regulation, the girls responsible have been beaten and charged three sandwiches each. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We owned Jerry Liu

By changing the about us
While he's at Robo.

So Jerry can't say
"Come hither sandwich makers."
We would kick him. Hard.

Some lamers at prom
Will not ever stop dancing
Like they have to pee.

Hannah and Bekah
Are some very weird people.
Look! Watermelon.

This is a haiku.
And if you didn't notice,
Go die in a fire.

I just set up mobile posting so this is my test post. I'm actually sitting in front of my computer looking at my blog, but let's pretend this has a purpose.

EDIT: Looks like I have to set the title once I get to my computer, Which happens to be right now in this case.

This game is the devil. I just spent about an hour of my time beating it and I still have homework and everything. And now my eyes hurt from all the flashing lights. But it was worth it just so that evil game couldn't win. So have fun with this.

Give Up, Robot

So here are some of the rather humorous translations we found using Bad Translator. Them humorists should know their place in society is vital, huh.

"argle flargle"

...54 translations later we get:

"Flargle country."

"I'm singing this one like a broken piece of glass From broken arms and broken noses in the back Is this the New Year or just another desperation?"

...54 translations later we get:

"Indeed, the nose and glasses to celebrate Christmas"

"Well isn't it delicious crazy way that I'm kissing this baby listen to this."

...54 translations later we get:

"But the guy."

"Well let the geek in the pink take a stab at it, if you like the way I'm thinking baby wink at it. I may be skinny at times but I'm fat full of rhymes, pass me the mic and I'ma grab at it. "

...54 translations later we get:

"Management development and thought very interesting. Sometimes a few years ago my son Mike."

"Happy is a yuppie word Nothing in the world could fail me now It's empty as an argument I'm running down a life that won't cash out"

...54 translations later we get:

"Ward''lukuri lives of my friends said he was happy in the world."

"What becomes of the broken hearted? Who had love that's now departed? I know I've got to find some kind of peace of mind. "

...54 translations later we get:

"If I go? Relax."

And my personal favorite:
"I like long walks on the beach and holding peoples hands and Tim is wonderful and Jerry can go make me a sandwich now."

...25 translations later we get:

"I love the beach on foot, then it is good people, and Tim, and Jerry is my sandwich."

Remember that site that would translate an english phrase into a foreign language and back again? No? Well this site will do the same thing, but 54 times. This usually comes out with some pretty weird results. For example, "Hannah make me a sandwich" translates into "You and your sandwich."

Bad Translator

I was stumbling along and I happened upon this transfixing model of air traffic in a twenty-four hour period. What message did I get from this? If you want to survive the fireflies, go to Brazil. You just won't be able to take a plane to get there.

Actress and producer Felicia Day, of The Guild and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog fame, is interviewed by reddit, where she answers questions asked in this thread.

For the record, if I were a woman, I would strive to become exactly like Felicia, the model of feminine perfection. If I were a man, which I am, I would devote my life to this girl and worship her at every turn. On a side note, my beautiful girlfriend and I have been going out for exactly half a year as of tomorrow.

Felicia Day interview  via [Reddit]

For all of you who have never seen these, that must be remedied!
They are a series of comedy sketches(skits). Just watch... you'll figure it out.


I'm having trouble concentrating on life because this music is playing and I suck at Mario too much to play it without Tim anymore. I wish I was good at blagging, oh Tim I'm gonna be in Sci Fi next year instead of Mysteries cause I saw my schedule today. Three study halls ftw. Also I could fit in AP Gov but that would probably kill me. And I FINALLY got Child Development so I'm gonna have the plastic baby for a weekend and it'll be magical and unicorns will fly through the air and I'll be up all night not sleeping.

I hope I did that link thing right before.

Don't mind the constant changing look of the blog, we're still getting things set up and working out the kinks. You can entertain yourself with this game in the meantime.

Exciting stuff is happening here in The Lunch Box! Jerry has just added an "about us" section. He's still working on it but it's basically got pictures of the team and his own ridiculous descriptions. His is especially fallacious.
To see our about us click the link on the top right of the page.

Okay so Hannah is back because I just love her too much and I needed her back.

Tim was as angry as a Bidoof last night so he kicked me off, but hey now I'm here. Also if anyone can tell me how to negative giggle I'll pay them in sandwiches.

We had a personal issue with a former writer. I had trusted her with my log on information for basically everything, but she violated that trust so we had to kick her off of our writing staff. We cannot maintain a quality blagosphere with writers that can't be trusted.
I doubt she will be missed much.

Bubblebeam's actually one of my favorite early attacks.

[Manly Guys Doing Manly Things]

It's almost too cute!

yeah it's a turtle... on a roomba.


Just kidding guys, that's so last Facebook.

I've never blagged before but hey this could be neat because my life is so interesting people ask me questions about why I don't want a boyfriend on my formspring. Alright I'm getting a little nervous cause I can't think of anything to write. Ohman.

Well I look at this every once in a while to remind myself that I'm still sane. May induce gagging, which apparently Jerry likes.

Also Tim change your profile, it's too boring. And since it's Mother's Day and all, and Tim is my mother, he should make me a sandwich. The third one on December 11th looks om nom nom worthy.

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