Hey guys, sorry people have been going post-crazy and I haven't been doing anything, I'm grounded for life and have limited internet time. And Tim had the idea to start blogging about my Shooting Challenge experiences, which I really want to do but don't have the time to at the moment. Actually I don't even know what the new one is. Oh welllll, hopefully I'll be back soon. And great, blogger isn't letting me post things. Internet is hating me for my lack of existence lately.

I sure hope CERN doesn't send us back to the 19th century!

The next time you're buying apples, check this out.
Actually, why wait?!  Pick an apple and go buy it now!

This is a pretty clever way of saying, "Who cares if we have free will?"  It doesn't really effect what happens so let's all just move on to page 72, shall we?
It actually reminds me of Inception.  All those people talking about what's a dream and what isn't.  Then someone says, "I FIGURED IT OUT! IT'S ALL A DREAM!"  And I can't help but say, "what's your point?"
Speaking of inception here's a gallery of cool artwork based on the movie.
This one's my favorite.

I can't believe nobody thought to blog this yet. Winterbells is one of our favorite flash games ever. You're a bunny and you hop on bells and get points. And always get the birds, they double your score. The music is fantastic, if anyone wants the mp3 just say so in the comments and I'll upload it. You should check out some of his other games too, they're all nice and relaxing.

This entertaining little game reminds me of Kirby Canvas Curse for the NDS. Basically you draw the slopes of snow and the guy skis up and down them. You get points for doing jumps and tricks so be creative.

A fun little paint webapp. Mess with the settings, make pretty things, it'll keep you entertained for a while. And I didn't make that dragon. Ha.

Flame Painter

A while back Gamespot had a Greatest Game Hero tourney.  If I'm remembering correctly, it came down to Gordon Freeman vs. Mario in the final round.  Freeman won, and rightly so.  It was very entertaining watching the votes go back and forth between them for days with Valve using Facebook to promote Freeman.
Now they're doing the exact same thing but with game villains.  They started recently.  Round 1A is closed but 1B is going on right now and I just voted.  I sure hope the finals for this are equally as epic as last time.
Follow this link and cast your votes!

Here's the video I was trying to find. You know, the one that had no sound because Hannah has a Mac.
Well enjoy!

The best part of this video comes towards the end when he's talking about kids asking "why?"  Actually the rest is really funny too so just watch the whole thing. If it's too long and you don't have time now then write it on your hand and come back to it later.  It's hard to forget things when they're on your hands. Do it.

I'm really good at this game. I like to think anyway. You click to hook onto a floating ball thing, but it becomes a mine for as long as you're hooked onto it. So don't get too close to it, or you go boom. It's a metaphor for life. Anyway that's my high score, have fun.

Same guy from the pornography post but this one is slightly less inappropriate.


Its approaching, only 3 days away to be exact. So I say we go through the year with no drama, no fights, and about 999999x more awesome and fun! WHO'S WITH ME?!?!

So Hannah didn't even know what a Rube Goldberg was and after finding out she said something to the effect of "why is that fun?". Well the answer to that question is in the video above.

This video was made as an official music video for the band Ok Go. This isn't their only really cool video.  If you haven't already seen their treadmill video for the song "Here It Goes Again" then you should watch that here.

I'm just going through my bookmarks at this point to find more stuff to post. Enjoy.

Okay folks. We had this dilemma here at The Lunch Box and I don't mean that we dropped our sandwich...
I found this really funny video from Cracked.com a while back and I just showed it to Jerry.  He wanted to post it but I wasn't so sure.  It's a bit inappropriate and I could stop thinking "My sister reads this blog!"  Well, after minutes of serious deliberation we decided it's fine as long as we label it NSFW. For those of you who don't know, NSFW generally means it's inappropriate.

Oh by the way there isn't actually any pornography here. It's just a joke but there is some pretty intense imagery.

Among others. As in, there's more in the link. So click that.

Look at him! He's such a cripple!

edit: I just remembered that at internationals we called this his "Cripankle". It really rolls off the tongue, don't you think?

Akinator is a web-bot that guesses web characters. And it's awesome.

This is actually pretty old so I'm sure the internet is far bigger now. But hey! At least download speeds are better than 41.2KB/Sec now!

"Fun idea: Not got kids? Hire a babysitter anyway, say kid is asleep upstairs and not to be woken. On your return ask where your child is."

I so can't wait to not have kids.

Twitter via [Reddit]

I found this a long time ago but I don't read it very often so the comics tend to pile up. Every now and then I remember it and get to read a bunch. Basically a guy took original Garfield comics and removed Garfield from them. In some ways it makes the comics a whole lot better! There must be hundreds so follow the link at the end of this post and knock yourself out!

Here's the description from the site:

"Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb. "

I've decided that Griffin's last two posts were not interesting enough and as a punishment I have decided to link to a rather funny video of him from 8th grade.  However this post will have to serve as a promise to do so in the future because it's on facebook and it doesn't make sense to post a link to a private facebook video on a public blog.  I will have to get the video from the source and then uploaded it.

Hello internet its Griffin, still stuck here in North Haven. So since I've been DESERTED by some other people I'm going to do a social media study. Formspring is a pathetically stupid site where people can post anonymous questions on your profile for you to answer. Since I basically have no way to entertain myself now, I decided to do a study.

I've created my own Formsping just to see how many anonymous comments I can get that are A)Naggy, B)Crude, C)Completely idiotic, and D)So mean that it makes you wonder why these people are spending their time on the internet profile stalking and trashing anyone they feel like.

I'm giving this a week or so, seeing that the internet is full of Trolls (which I love by the way). I'll report back in a later post with the results. ;)


Oh! and speaking of Trolls, this has to be one of the funniest sites I've ever spent 2+ hours on.


No really I am. The entire writing staff has gone on a road trip and left me in North Haven with only a blanket and framed pictures of them to put by my bedside so I can cry myself to sleep. Soo......ya.. ='(

Apparently one of Justin Bieber's songs sounds pretty cool when you slow it down 800%.
Now I bet that's probably true of a lot of songs already, which makes me wonder... why would this guy choose a Bieber song to stretch out to 35 minutes?
Well I haven't listened to all 35 minutes and I don't plan to but it sounds pretty good so it's worth checking out for a minute or two anyway.

See it's funny cause he takes it too far and it becomes sexual harassment. That's why it's funny.
Also, for oodles of fun try saying sexual harassment after getting a new retainer.

My favorite line from Back to the Future.

Apparently they couldn't decide how to pronounce giga- back in the 80's.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Internet Exploiter
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This is a pretty important issue and unfortunately, very few 
people understand net neutrality... but they can still laugh 
at Jon Stewart talking about it!

Nobody's posted anything in a while, so why not.

Excuse me while I go get my phone.

GLaDOS ring tone via [Reddit]

So ya, I bought this on Amazon on Thursday and its my new precious toy! It's a Logitech g13 keypad. There are 25 programmable keys, 23 being labeled g1-g23, 2 more on the side, and a freaking joystick!! It has an LCD screen that will display pretty much anything I want it to, and has over 100 color customization options for the BACK-LIT KEYS and the LCD screen. It really is a thing of beauty. ;) <3

Now I can never throw away Zerglings again. Great.

Diary of a Zergling via [Reddit]

It's from the same guy who did the one from two posts ago, enjoy.

Also YouTube changed their thing after a video. With the related videos and stuff. Whoa.

Via Reddit

Okay, one more time.

Since I'm on a roll today, I might as well keep going.

This was really awesome.


I think I have to blog about this guys.


So Hannah probably doesn't care but Bekah and Griffin should see this. It's the cool stuff about Guild Wars 2, which is all of it, in one video. Enjoy. Also we should finish Guild Wars.

Everything Exciting About Guild Wars 2 in One Video via [Kotaku]

I just randomly came across this on youtube and it's amazing. It blows all those giz pictures out the the water.

I have to post something cause Hannah's gone and Tim sucks so here.

Via Reddit

Just cause nobody's posted anything today and I don't think I've showed this yet.

Also I'm back as of yesterday. And will be changing the song that's been up for about a month. Anyway if you need a handjob, you know who to call.

I Need a Handjob

Since you've probably realized there haven't been many posts lately, I'll explain why. Tim's at an airplane competition, Jerry's still on the West Coast, and today's Griffin's birthday! I was gonna post a birthday cake picture but I think this is more appropriate. I'm working on a list of pet peeves that I may or may not end up posting here, so that may or may not be something to look forward to. Toodles!

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