I think Jerry introduced me to this program a long time ago.  It's called Everything.  It's really just indexes your whole computer and let's you search for anything really easily.  Now you might say, "Windows can already do that!"  Well that's true... but this is just better.  It will show you any file of any type from your search parameters so you don't even need to know the whole name of something and it's really fast.  It's basically destroyed a lot of my digital sense of organization (although I'm still pretty OCD about some folders).  I don't really need to know where anything is when I can search for it.  It's also helpful for clearing up space because instead of searching for anything you can sort everything on the computer by size.
Alright enough of me talking about it.  You can download it here and everyone should.

So I finally bought Minecraft the other day and I am LOVING it! Theres sooo much to do and the world I spawned in has so many mountains and minerals, I'm working on building a giant castle with an underground part.

But anyways, I was looking a Minecraft videos on Youtube last night and found the funniest one ever. Watch what happens when this guy tries to light his fireplace. XD

Griffin's post reminded me of this Mario video, where a couple Japanese video try to get all 8 red coins while avoiding the 1-UP. They say Japanese things and whatnot, and it's hilarious to hear.

These guys decided to make their own parody on the Mario Bros. Originally, the live action Mario movie was released in 1993, but it was pretty bad. This gag-trailer alone beats the entirety of that movie.

Basically you can get 5 great games and donate to 2 charities all at once and you can pay as much or as little as you'd like for it. It's pretty much just a donation and you get to choose how your money is split between the charities and game developers. Also Notch paid $2,000 for it making him the top contributer so that's kind of cool. It almost makes me feel bad for giving $5.
The games are Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos, and Revenge of the Titans.

Their website explains all this really well, and it was surprisingly easy to do.
Also here's their promotional video. It's really cheesy.

Here's an example of how you can use the new layout of facebook profiles to further personalize your profile.
I haven't actaully done this for myself yet but I plan to.  If you want to do it too, here's a video that explains how.

Yeah he uses glitches but it's still pretty cool how he does them all perfectly to
finish the entire game in under 10 minutes.

Just to let everybody know, Minecraft is entering Beta on Deecember 20. This means that the price will be rising to whatever 14.95 Euro is. Also there's no guarantee that all future updates (after release) will be given for free unless you have an account from alpha, so you should all buy now. It's a great game. Really.

Minecraft Beta

So I didn't win since there were about 400 Christmas tree shots submitted, but the winners were pretty cool. Check out the gallery if you'd likeeeee.

This looks like a ton of fun and I like the art style too.  Can't wait!

So I haven't gotten the results yet for this challenge but it's been so long since I posted anything that I figured I should. The challenge was to zoom while taking a picture, which is surprisingly easy to do and requires very little coordination (it probably happens by accident often enough). Well if you can't tell, this is just a photo of Griffin's Christmas tree, with the lights all crazy and zoom-y. If I happen to win I'll post those results laterrrrrrr.

Louis C.K. talks with Conan O'Brien about how amazing technology is.

So another fun thing I found on Art of Trolling was Cleverbot. It's an awesome A.I. to troll and I think I was up for at least 2 hours last night trolling it. Here are 3 of the conversations I had with it. The one about Pinocchio is my favorite. ;D

Omegle Troll - Snookie's Ruined It for All of Us
see more The Art of Trolling

So I've neglected the internet and the blog for far too long. College stuff has kept me busy buuuuut thats all over now so I'm back. Art of Trolling is a hilarious website dedicated to people trolling all over the internet, including Chatroulette. This particular one reminded me of Jerry ;D

Check out the full site for hours of entertainment (literally)

Check 2:01 out.

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