It doesn't get any more innovative than this.

There's there's this website,, which was created for the purpose of raising money to create more Firefly. This might seem a little out of the blue but it's actually because a statement from Nathan Fillion himself last week. He said, "If I got $300 million from the California Lottery, the first thing I would do is buy the rights to Firefly, make it on my own, and distribute it on the Internet." He was probably thinking hypothetically but now a lot of people want to make it happen, minus the lottery, and a couple other people connected with Firefly have expressed interest too. Right now the website and facebook group are working on taking pledges to see if this is actually possible.
I have my doubts about this. It seems like a bit of a pipe dream, but you never know. Maybe someday this could happen and I'll gladly support it if it does.

I couldn't find any way to embed the video so you'll have to follow the link. Sorry for the inconvenience.!5764368/watch-communitys-hilarious-firefly-nod

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I took some new pictures from an eagle-watching adventure with my family this morning in Essex/Gillette Castle, which you can find here on my Flickr. The eagles were really far away and hard to see, so I took a bunch of pictures of seagulls & stuff insteaddd.

That was lovely

Dear nonexistent valentine,

These are from last year but they still apply.  You can see all 3 right here and download them in high quality for use as wallpapers if you're so inclined.  I never have been.

From the Portal 2 blog:
In just seventy-two short hours it'll be Valentine's Day, and that means pressure: finding a girlfriend or boyfriend, for one, then figuring out the perfect romantic gift to give them.
We're going to help you with the "perfect romantic gift" part Monday, but first things first: let's bag you a Valentine!
How? With Aperture Science "Classy Romance"-brand Valentine's Day cards. They express a wide variety of today's most popular emotions. And you can print them, on an even wider variety of flat surfaces, from paper to sexy edible paper. Then you can mail them, using a preposterously wide variety of envelopes and stamps.
"Mail?" you're thinking. "Do people still use that?" No. That's why it's so romantic: because if your entire plan to win over your Valentine's heart is sending them an email, why not just text them? In fact, why not just think it, alone, in a restaurant, on Valentine's Day? Maybe your waiter will feel sorry for you and mail you one of these dynamite Valentines.
You can see all the them on this conveniently printable pdf.

In Sci-fi we talked about verisimilitude and once Obrien gave us a definition I thought "Oh man, he's talking about technobabble!" Then I couldn't stop thinking about this video.
Ron Moore doesn't like it much cause he's a writer and he thinks Star Trek over does it to the point that sometimes it becomes deus ex machina which isn't so great for the story.

So I've been messing around with Minecraft a lot lately, and I came across these custom game map types called "Escapecraft". Essentially, these custom games are a bunch of obstacles set up by their builders (in a survivor-esc mode) which you can download. In order to progress through to the end, you need a great deal of knowledge in Minecraft (i.e. how to build things, what things can actually be set on fire, etc...)

Bananapielord on Youtube made a great segment on one of the versions, which looks amazing to play and really well laid out. Check out both parts below.

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