So back in good old 8th grade there was this commercial. Well go ahead and watch it.

So Jerry decided to do that dance in the boys locker room but on the part with the jump heel-click he landed flat on his back. It was hilarious and he will never live it down. The end.

Someone wrote a cool little program in Python that takes each beat of any song and stretches the first half while shrinking the second half, essentially making any song swing. It's pretty cool. There's the source code included but I don't know any Python so it doesn't matter to me.

The Swinger

Why hello there everyone! After much *debate* and sucking up to Tim, I'm officially a writer, 10 points to Gryffindor!!! Honestly, I have no idea if I'll write about a specific topic or what, but it'll be something different and fun, which may or may not include random videos and pictures. Oh and by the way, advertise this blog to all of your friends (if you have any that is). The only way for our domination of the internet to become real is if this blog takes over your computer (no really like literally take it over, we can make it happen). Until next time minions.

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