So it's been a while since I've heard anything about the 3DS but it was recently given a release date and price. Check it out here:;thumb;5

Here's another example of a challenge we didn't actually submit pictures to, but we took pictures of anyways. I went to the New Boston fireworks show in New Hampshire this 4th of July, which is where these two pictures came from. Because it's pretty ineffective to use a flash when photographing fireworks, longer exposures can yield some pretty neat blurred-light images, similar to the Body (Light) Painting challenge. Anywho, here's the gallery, enjoy!

I've been looking for this for a while, thought I lost it forever. Read it all, don't skip ahead.

For those of you who care, we had 3/4 of the blog team reunion this weekend. Jerry graced us with his presence, but unfortunately Tim was off winning national airplane competitions and such, so he missed out on the fun.

Anyways, I figured it was about time for me to update you on a past Shooting Challenge. Bradley and I tried this one out after the contest due date, but it was pretty awesome nonetheless. The technique is simple: leave the exposure on for an extended amount of time (10-30 seconds usually does the trick), turn the flash off, and draw! Lighting is usually best around sunset if you want to see the people in the photo, which was part of the rules of this challenge. We're not in the gallery, but check it out anyways.

Thanks Giz.

YouTube Social is a nifty site that lets you watch YouTube videos in sync with up to what looks like eight other people. All you have to do is replace youtube with youtubesocial in the video url, and the site will give you a link that your friends can use to join you. You can pass the remote to change who has control of the video. I've had occasions in which I would've liked something like this before, I just can't remember them. Probably.

YouTube Social via [Gizmodo]

I am not at all up to trying to explain what Minecraft is, cause it sounds stupid when you try, so I'm gonna say just play it. It is still very temporarily free, though he says that he'll probably be getting the server up again today. If you miss the free period, my advice is to pirate it to try it out and buy it later. The free mode is nice, but it isn't as cocaine-y as the full survival mode. Here's a guide and all. Don't use it. I think it's more fun to just figure things out. But if you really need to, go ahead.



So I've been rather bored for the past couple days. I've been spending less and less time on the internet than usual....its scaring me!!!

But THEN! I had a brilliant idea. Why not create a little movie that shows off me killing people? Yaaaaay! I'm good at that, trust me. I then realized that taking WoW and LoL clips from Fraps causes them to have rather low resolution in Windows Movie Maker.

I'm working out the kinks, but this is just a random thing that I wanted to create in my spare time. Plus I've been wanting to learn how to use WMM for some time. What better way to learn than taking clips of something that is REALLY EXPLOSIVE, COMBUSTIBLE, and WTFOMGBBQSLMAO cool?

TL;DR version: I'm learning how to use Windows movie maker so I can create a movie of me Rofl-stomping n00bs in WoW PvP and LoL. Even though the movie will probably be 100% WoW. What? I can't have a moment or nerding out?

This challenge ended up being a lot more difficult than we had imagined. Bradley and I started without any idea, no plans, and wandered my neighborhood looking for "interesting things" to take pictures of. This isn't the one we ended up submitting, but I think it's the best one of the group. It's a sewer with a reflection of the sky in the water below, very geometric and all. And with a little iPhoto editor the blacks look blacker, and the greens stand out a bit more. To see the photo we ended up submitting you can click here or here, we chose two. The winners gallery is incredible, as usual.

What a clown!!

Stop it, it's terrifying.


For those of you who aren't familiar with Gizmodo, here's a video for you!



Okay I just had to put this here cause it's so amazing!  I know Griffin and Jerry already saw it but hey everyone else can see Rammus fly around now!
Oh and we found it thanks to Greg Ostrinski. So yeah, thanks Greg.

They make stuffed animals that have psychological disorders. Wut. That's Depressed Turtle, beeteedubs.

This was by far the best shooting challenge I've done so far. Bradley Koval and I, after many failed attempts at filling and popping water balloons, and searching our houses for crystal balls, at last came across some glass marbles. Success #1. We brainstormed a few ideas and dug around for boxes with "this side up" written on the side, refracted it, and tried to be clever. The shot on the left is attempt #2 of the upside-down-calculator word. I used the laser focus, found a stand for the marble so my fingers weren't in the way, and darkened the background after the shot was taken. That's the one I submitted to the contest and it ended up in the gallery. It's definitely the best picture I've taken for any of these contests so far.

I can't find the reddit thread this is from, but it's from reddit.

I wrote before about this competition when it was in the second round.
A lot of villains have been knocked out since then and we're getting closer to a victor.
I have to say that I'm disappointed that Darth Malak was knocked out. He was a great villain from one of the best single-player RPG's ever. However he lost to Diablo so I can't say I'm too surprised.
At this point I'm rooting for Kerrigan to win it all.
Even if you've missed previous rounds it's not too late to cast your votes (preferably for Kerrigan).
Click here to vote now!

This guy named Guillaume Reymond is an artist who has recreated several original video games using people sitting in theater seats as pixels. As you can see it's stop motion so the people just change shirts and move around in between pictures. These are Pac-Man and Tetris, but he's also done Pong, Space Invaders, and Pole Positions. If you liked these then be sure to watch the others and check out this site.

Poor giant rabbits... I wonder how big they are anyway.

In light of certain events, two of our main posters have been, well, not posting things. And Griffin forgets to internet most of the time anyways. So, way to kill the blog guys. Just when I was getting into my photography stuff.

Sooo this was a pretty convenient challenge because I had just taken this neat bug picture a few days before I actually read about it. And I wasn't about to go out in nature and all and look for bugs crawling on things and stuff. So this is an unidentified dragonfly on a basil plant in New Hampshire, I'm pretty sure the camera was set to aperture priority settings cause things generally look cooler that way. Oh here's the gallery my picture is in, there are some pretty neat winners, as always.

Hello all, I'm gonna start posting pictures from past shooting challenges here, and hopefully catch up to date so I'll only post the weekly current ones. This was the first challenge I attempted, and it was definitely harder than it seems. I waited until the sun was setting for the right lighting, and even then it was hard to have the foreground lit and flare from the sun. And I didn't exactly succeed with lots of flare, but there's definitely some in there.

Unfortunately, being my first time, I didn't submit this picture correctly so it wasn't in gallery (or the second gallery). And here's the rules page, if you're interested in a more detailed how-to.

Butterape. That's all.

This is Altitude. It's a fun little game where control a plane and join in multi-player game-play with a bunch of other planes either on teams or sometimes FFA. This picture shows a sky ball mode. It's kind of like soccer or football but with dogfighting planes. It's one f those games where people of all skill levels play and there are plenty of fun modes to try. So whether you're an uber pro or a complete noob doesn't matter. You can find some way to enjoy it.

If you're still not sure then try it out for yourself! It's free through Steam for this weekend and if you decide you like it, it's currently only $5. It's one of the best games I've seen for such a great price. If your reading this later and you miss the deal it's still only $10 normally so I'd still recommend it.

It's made for both PC and MAC and its system requirements are so low it could run on virtually any computer in use! Actually that's kind of ambiguous. Let me put it this way. If you can view this blog without any issues then it'll run.

Here's a link to its steam page:
If you don't already have steam then you can also get that for free here:
It has both PC and Mac links for the Steam client too.

I might've mentioned this once or twice. Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a flash game that stays completely true to the original Super Mario Bros. except you can play as the characters from other games. As seen above. It's really well done and a lot of fun so check it out. And the developer is a pretty cool guy.

Sooooo... 2010-2011 is going to be a great year for game releases. So far, we've already had SC2, and it only gets better.

When you're bored and sitting on a couch with your Ipod for the longest time with Internet access and an app... well you see where I'm going with this right?

So the money sink hit me, in about 30mins I pre-ordered: Halo Reach, CoD Black-Ops, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, and now I'm just watching all the lovely Guild Wars 2 trailers and videos.

Way to blow my money.

So this year I was FINALLY able to fit One Voice into my Senior schedule. By being in One Voice, all the men are automatically in Men of Note. Both groups do everything A Capella, but Men of Note is obviously just the men.... lol.

So Tyler and I have convinced Ms. Holt to let us do Coldplay as long as we could find the sheet music for it... and I did! It sounds epic and we'll most likely be doing it at Virginia Beach this year.

Watch the epicness...

So for anyone who's interested, I'm in New Jersey about to see my second Rush show. They're on the Time Machine tour and their set is really cool and steam-punk themed which I'm quite excited to see. I'll take picture when I'm there but here's a few shots. Woo excitement!

Starcraft PropHunt whoo.

Now imagine all of those... but in red.

These people are almost as lucky as that Blitzcrank!

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