This is Altitude. It's a fun little game where control a plane and join in multi-player game-play with a bunch of other planes either on teams or sometimes FFA. This picture shows a sky ball mode. It's kind of like soccer or football but with dogfighting planes. It's one f those games where people of all skill levels play and there are plenty of fun modes to try. So whether you're an uber pro or a complete noob doesn't matter. You can find some way to enjoy it.

If you're still not sure then try it out for yourself! It's free through Steam for this weekend and if you decide you like it, it's currently only $5. It's one of the best games I've seen for such a great price. If your reading this later and you miss the deal it's still only $10 normally so I'd still recommend it.

It's made for both PC and MAC and its system requirements are so low it could run on virtually any computer in use! Actually that's kind of ambiguous. Let me put it this way. If you can view this blog without any issues then it'll run.

Here's a link to its steam page:
If you don't already have steam then you can also get that for free here:
It has both PC and Mac links for the Steam client too.


Griffin Kulp said...

This is addicting.

Tim(othy) Barron said...

Did you buy it?

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