So I just stumbled on this website and it made me lul a lot, there's a bunch of cartoons about silly life things and you can even buy the posters of them if you'd like. There's this one about Twilight that was really great. Bella becomes Pants and Lego Brick and everything seems to make sense in the world.

Have you ever played that game where you start on a random Wiki page and try to see who can get to the Hitler page fastest just by clicking on links? Here's a website that finds the fastest way for you. Shhhhhhh.

Enough said. Pre-ordered and being delivered early tomorrow. Let the epicness begin!

Things are pretty exciting over here at the Lunch Box today, because it's Jerry's Birthday!!!!
He's in Arizona right now for some reason, so we're celebrating without him :(

Have some Birthday cake Jerry, and remember that we love you!!

I actually found this a few days ago and i'm just now putting it on the blog so I had to google it to find it and it might not be the same source I got it from originally but whatever.

I'm back and stuff. For like, an hour. Then I'm in Arizona for ten days with no computer, so no posts. By the way, if you pause a youtube video and hold left, you can play Snake. Bye.

As we sit here idling and surfing the greatness that is the internet, Tim(othy) Barron is picking up our beloved friend and staff member Jerry Liu.

We will be spending the day showing Jerry why Connecticut is about 99999999999999999x better than New Jersey, simply because we're all here and he isn't.

There will be laughs, pictures, little kids crying, excessive amounts of caffeine, loitering in stores for hours, and maybe even a video of Rebekah being pushed in a shopping cart again (ahhhhh good times, good times :)).

So the first couple were photoshopped, but the rest is just hilarious.

Oh my God. For Twilight haters, Twilight dislikers, people who loathe glittery Edward Cullen and Bella's awkwardness. And for people like me who enjoy making fun of people.

This article doesn't surprise me at all but it's satisfying nonetheless.

A keyboard and mouse are better than a controller, but most Xbox gamers refuse to hear that.

Some of these are crap but I really liked a few, the Snow Patrol one in particular. They're basically two songs mixed together and they sound really good. The La Roux one is also swell. Enjoy.

So this is pretty funny and that's nice, but mostly I just love their accents.

They're really cool and stuff.

Maybe you've seen this before and you just need to catch up on some fond memories.

Maybe you've never seen this and now's your chance to change that forever.
But wherever you are in life, I recommend watching this.

Did you notice the Dr. Horrible hand thing? Well he does it... kind of.
There are a few more episodes so watch those too.

I could embed the video but it's better in context so just follow the link.

There it is again. Some clueless fool talking about the "Information Superhighway." The don't know jack about the Net. It's nothing like a Superhighway. That's a bad metaphor.

Yeah, but suppose the metaphor ran the other direction. Suppose the highways were like the net.

All right!

A highway hundreds of lanes wide. most with potholes. Privately operated bridges and overpasses. No highway patrol. A couple of rent-a-cops on bicycles with broken whisltes. 500 member vigilante posses with nuclear weapons. 237 on-ramps at every intersection. No signs. Wanna get to Ensenada? Holler out the window at a passing truck to ask directions. Ad hoc traffic laws. Some lanes would vote to make use by a single-occupant vehicle a capital offense on Monday through Friday between 7:00 and 9:00. Other lanes would just shoot you without a trial for talking on your car phone.

AOL would be a giant diesel-smoking bus with hundreds of ebola victims and a toilet spewing out on the road behind it. Throwing dead wombats and rotten cabbage at the other cars, most of which have been assembled at home from kits. Some are 2.5 horsepower lawnmower engines with a top speed of nine miles an hour. Others burn nitroglycerin and idle at 120.

No license tags. World War II bomber nose art instead. Terrifying paintings of huge teeth or vampire eagles. Bumper-mounted machine guns. Flip somebody the finger on this highway and get a white phosphorus grenade up your tailpipe. Flatbed trucks with anti-aircraft missile batteries to shoot down the Traffic Watch helicopter. A little kid on a tricycle with a squirtgun filled with hydrochloric acid.

Now that's the way to run an Interstate Highway system.

The Rant of Internet

I certainly wasn't expecting this...

Ashe's arrow was particularly nice.

And now that I have your attention.... here's a comic.

So gather all the fairies and don't run into things, or you'll explode. You get three wishes! Then you die.

Posting this from camp cause it's really cool. Don't read the last line till you get to it. It's exciting.

Alright, fast forward to 1:15:30 and watch it over and over and over again.

Since all the guys who actually post on this are away, I thought I'd make this blog a little more feminine with some fashion things. Although that's not usually my thing, this doesn't make much sense. I like the math part too.

Tim's back, Hannah's on vacation, I'm off to nerd camp. Good day.

I've been reading this clean jokes thread for about half an hour now. And I was gonna be productive today. My favorite so far.

So a blonde, brunette, and redhead die in an accident, and when they are standing by the pearly gates, Peter says there really is a stairway to heaven - but on each step they will be told an inappropriate joke, and if they laugh, they'll go to hell.
The brunette goes first and gets told the joke about the irishman and the bar. Try as she might, she laughs, and gets sent to hell.
The redhead goes next, and makes it to the 5th step, and the joke about the priest, rabbi, and imam. She laughs and is cast down to hell too.
The blonde makes it all the way to the 99th step, when God himself appears to tell the last joke. Right before he can open his mouth, she starts laughing. "Why are you laughing?" He asks, puzzled.
"Oh", she said, "It's just that first joke was really funny."

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