I've been reading this clean jokes thread for about half an hour now. And I was gonna be productive today. My favorite so far.

So a blonde, brunette, and redhead die in an accident, and when they are standing by the pearly gates, Peter says there really is a stairway to heaven - but on each step they will be told an inappropriate joke, and if they laugh, they'll go to hell.
The brunette goes first and gets told the joke about the irishman and the bar. Try as she might, she laughs, and gets sent to hell.
The redhead goes next, and makes it to the 5th step, and the joke about the priest, rabbi, and imam. She laughs and is cast down to hell too.
The blonde makes it all the way to the 99th step, when God himself appears to tell the last joke. Right before he can open his mouth, she starts laughing. "Why are you laughing?" He asks, puzzled.
"Oh", she said, "It's just that first joke was really funny."


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