So I've been rather bored for the past couple days. I've been spending less and less time on the internet than usual....its scaring me!!!

But THEN! I had a brilliant idea. Why not create a little movie that shows off me killing people? Yaaaaay! I'm good at that, trust me. I then realized that taking WoW and LoL clips from Fraps causes them to have rather low resolution in Windows Movie Maker.

I'm working out the kinks, but this is just a random thing that I wanted to create in my spare time. Plus I've been wanting to learn how to use WMM for some time. What better way to learn than taking clips of something that is REALLY EXPLOSIVE, COMBUSTIBLE, and WTFOMGBBQSLMAO cool?

TL;DR version: I'm learning how to use Windows movie maker so I can create a movie of me Rofl-stomping n00bs in WoW PvP and LoL. Even though the movie will probably be 100% WoW. What? I can't have a moment or nerding out?


Jerry Liu said...

It'll be 100% WoW cause you can't kill anyone in LoL LOL!

Griffin Kulp said...

Teehee tell me that to my face as Im ganking you with my AP Eve. =)

Jerry Liu said...

Listen if we're both in the same room and you're ganking me I'll just punch you.

Griffin Kulp said...

Deal! =)

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