This was by far the best shooting challenge I've done so far. Bradley Koval and I, after many failed attempts at filling and popping water balloons, and searching our houses for crystal balls, at last came across some glass marbles. Success #1. We brainstormed a few ideas and dug around for boxes with "this side up" written on the side, refracted it, and tried to be clever. The shot on the left is attempt #2 of the upside-down-calculator word. I used the laser focus, found a stand for the marble so my fingers weren't in the way, and darkened the background after the shot was taken. That's the one I submitted to the contest and it ended up in the gallery. It's definitely the best picture I've taken for any of these contests so far.


Griffin Kulp said...

This is AMAZING Hannah! Great job! =)

Hannah Beth said...

Ohey thanks Griffin, I haz fanz :P

Tim(othy) Barron said...

Michelle made this one her desktop background. She said she likes that her computer greets her when she sits down now.

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