You're the small number 9 in the picture. You control it with the mouse, and the goal is to touch the big number, which starts at 10 and counts down. It gives you 10 seconds for each square, and the timer resets after each score. If you touch a black square your time is cut in half and the big number disappears to a random position. Get high scores and stuff, I forget what mine was. I only played it once.

Contentric via [Hybrid Mind Studios]


Hannah Beth said...

4395, it was really easy for the first like 5 minutes.

Griffin Kulp said...

ya my thoughts exactly, then it got all OMGWTFBBQ

Jerry Liu said...

You have to do a dart in and out of your comfy circle thing real fast, but later on your have to slow down. So it's hard. This is the most sexual thing I've posted in a while.

Griffin Kulp said...


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