Now as you all know, I'm a pretty classy guy. I like to relax and kick it back with my buddies. When I want to impress my girl, I take the time to invite her over and treat her to the classiest experience she'll find. If you wanna try this for yourself, open these three tabs and give your special someone a call. It worked for me. You go out there champ, and show em how it's done. She'll thank you later.

EDIT: Added the three to my dropbox as one link.
Original credit goes to this guy.

Via [Reddit]


Hannah Beth said...


Anonymous said...

if you want ppl to read your blog then post something interesting..

Jerry Liu said...

Alright listen here Anonymous, you don't even have a last name. So shut up.

Tim(othy) Barron said...

Jerry... what's with this post anyway?

Jerry Liu said...

It's awesome, I listened to it all day.

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