I was supposed to try out this photography contest Tim told me about on Giz, something about lens flare in a picture BUT it's been raining for the past like 4 days. And inside pictures, especially when they're in my house, are boring. Is it weird to have dates with people who have girlfriends? There's some crazy Bob Marley crud playing on the radio now. Also I need Harvest Moon, I'm such an epic farmer. This was supposed to be an I-miss-Tim post, yeah. Wasn't I supposed to do Sleeping Giant things today? Hmmohwell. Being the only person a person cares about is a pretty cool thing. Also I need to think of a way to convince TMar that Tim and I aren't going out. Cause we aren't. Yeah
Charlie, we aren't.

This can be a things-that-bug-me post now.

1. When people think Tim and I are going out.
2. When people are sketchy and sneak around their girlfriends.
3. When people think it makes them seem hotter when they say they're not wearing pants. Girls especially, frakking leggings.
4. Having to type my texts because I'm too OCD about memories to delete them.
5. When it rains and it's supposed to be summer. Overcast is nice, but rain is only fun when there's Tim sitting next to you and you've just finished playing tennis and there's also a Gina on your lap.
6. That coffee doesn't make me any more awake. Just fell asleep on the couch after having some, that's pretty fail, caffeine.
7. Why they can't make Animal Crossing more interesting each game, there are SO MANY cool things they can add but nooooo, it's like the same thing every time.
8. When people obviously haven't studied for the Anatomy test and ask me every obvious question they're too dumb to figure out on their own.
10. That there are 3 classes of AP Psych next year. Our class thinks they're such great overachievers.

Guess I should translate some Cicero now, toodles.


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