Right so I whipped up a little music section on our sidebar. It's over there (---->) and down. Until there's new posts. Then it might be up. Anyway, it's a good way to post music. What I think we should do is put music up on a rotation. Right now I have my song (actually two, cause I'm first so screw you) up, and we'll leave that up for x amount of days, to be determined later. Then Tim will put his up, and then Hannah, and so on. The other two don't get a turn cause they suck. I figure it's a great way to share and discover new music, and to show you guys how much better my music is. Let's keep it fresh so try not to post Switchfoot each time Tim.

It's pretty easy to edit the thing, I'll teach you two when you get home. It took a ungodly amount of tweaking so you're damn well welcome. And again, Rebekah and Griffin suck.

Right, so I'm first this round with two songs by The Submarines. The first one's from an iPod commercial, and I just love the second one and didn't want to leave it out. I just downloaded them last night and think they're fantastic. So if anybody wants to not be like my beautiful girlfriend and download the rest of the album... you know.

EDIT: Oh right, I'm using Dropbox to host the mp3s. So Hannah, unless you want to find another host... you know.


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